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When I photograph you as a couple, I want you to feel completely at ease and able to have as much fun together as possible.  I have a professional, yet relaxed approach to my image making and have a genuine passion of wanting you to feel amazing during your wedding day.

"My photography represents my values and beliefs - I consider it to be so important to fill your life with enjoyment, live in the moment and cherish all those unique experiences with those you love most."

Picture how fantastic your wedding will be.  Imagine the love and excitement you'll feel from your family and closest friends being there, sharing this special day.  As your wedding photographer, I strive to capture the smiles, the laughter and all of those tears of happiness! 

I believe that photography should not be restricted to a computer screen.  It is far to precious to be filed away in the depths of your laptop.  It should be enjoyed every day on the walls of your home or in an album on your lap.  And eventually, it should become an heirloom that preserves the memories of your special day, to be held dear by generations to come.

I welcome you to view some of my favourite images below; It represents my modern and contemporary style.  If you'd like to see more of my portfolio, these can be found in the gallery section of my website.